Benefits of flying to Mexico during the Swine Flu outbreak…

From my trip to Puerto Vallarta this past May. It’s been requested by a few. Enjoy!

1. No airport traffic

2. Security people are laid back and quite funny.
3. People wear masks around the airport in an effort to protect them and Allison and I taking no precautions because we just wanted to PAR-TAY on the beach!
4. 31 people on a flight for 194
5. A man but a woman but a man…still not sure.
6. Cute southern flight attendants sitting on the edge of the chairs, drinking coffee with passengers.
7. Flight Attendant “Usually we do the safety in spanish but no mexicans are on the flight because they are all sick.” rough day flight attendant. poor Mexico.
8. Meeting a lady from my church who now has a home in Savannah and in Puerto Vallarta and is the author of Pigging Out In Savannah. She gave me some scoop on Paula Dean…and her life.
9. Drunk woman on the plane wearing a mask and rubber gloves.
10. No real swine flue threat and two sass ladies partying on the beach!
oh and a bonus….taking my spring OT final on the beach! yes. it was glorious.

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