the endearment of imperfections…

So people tell me I have thoughts that are worth sharing with the world…so after months, I’ve been convinced to start a blog. Sometimes the things I write will hopefully be funny, and other times perhaps they will be thought provoking, and encouraging! We’ll see how things goes…and if my thoughts are as interesting and enjoyable to read as some have told me!

Saturday night, Danielle and I united our roommates Angela and Sarah for the first time, which turned out to be a great success, ate the most awkward dinner at Snuffers (the people that work there were all quite strange, and making extremely random comments to our table), and saw this beautiful concert at Northwest Bible Church! The concert was a benefit show for Bethesda, which is the special needs ministry of Young Life in Dallas.
Dave Barnes, Christopher Williams, and Matt Wertz were in the line up for the night and as they walked out to start playing, I realized it was just them and their guitars for an acoustic jam! All three of them just kind of alternated singing their songs, all played for each other and just seemed to be having so much fun. I love these musicians because they are believers in Christ, but not pigeon holed into the christian music industry. They are all out of Nashville and kind of have this soulful, acoustic, folk, rock kind of mix going on! They sing about the Lord, but among other things, and have the opportunity to reach more (I think)!
In the midst of their show, at some different points, all three of these professional musicians forgot their own songs. It was hilarious to watch these guys forget lyrics, forget rhythms, and have to remind each other of how their own songs went!
What I realized as I laughed at this was the endearment these guys gained in their imperfections. There was this precious endearing quality of seeing these guys fumble and mess up! As I started thinking about this, I found it hilarious and yet odd that so many times the endearing qualities of people often times involve their imperfections. When I think about how hard we as people are always trying to put our best foot forward, present ourselves as perfect, or at least in a first impression, flawless…I have to laugh because the reasons I love the people in my life which I do, have nothing to do with their flawlessness.
Going through the catalog of the important people in my life, the things I love most about them are some of their insecurities, or their imperfections. The weird quirks that roommates have, or watching a friend fumble through an awkward situation. It’s precious.
At a point in this concert, the special needs kids of young life came up and sang a song, and Sean Mann (their director) spoke for a minute, and if you’ve ever been around special needs kids, they will change your life in an instant. As they sang a song to the Lord, and for us, I noticed them clapping off beat, and just being themselves, genuine, authentic, imperfect and simply precious. They have this ability to be themselves so freely. Why can I not do that? Why can most people not allow the walls to come down and be themselves? Why must we try and put out a perfect persona to others when the reasons most people love us, I can assure is for our authenticity, and our imperfections.
I would be more inclined to buy the albums of Dave Barnes, Matt Wertz, and Christopher Williams after watching them mess up, and be just normal guys playing their music, than I would be if the concert was flawless!
So this week…I’m trying to be more real. Getting real with my life, as my roommate Tamara used to say. So I show a few imperfections and weaknesses…oh well! If people are going to love me, they will see them anyway. Furthermore, the Lord sees all my imperfections and I happen to think that He loves me all the more for them because I trust Him, rely on Him to be the perfect one!

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