Happy Snow Day!!!

Looking out my window after 17hrs of straight snow fall, I would argue that I am no longer in Dallas but perhaps Michigan, Minnesota, Chicago?! I’ve spent the majority of my 25 yr existence living in the DFW (pronounced DF DUB) and never have I ever seen so much pretty white snow. It’s actual snow…not sleet like normal! I want to walk outside my door and go to the slopes because that’s what my backyard looks like, but then I am reminded that the only slopes I will be going on are the giant, snow/ice covered overpasses and my tricky little driveway. Rough day for me. šŸ˜¦

This morning, my roommate came in my room an hour or so before my alarm (which is always a very risky thing to do) and told me there was snow and that UNT still hadn’t canceled classes. I gave little or no response seeing as how it was 7 something AM. If you know me at all…you know that I love sleep, and hate the AM hours that only have 3 digits, unless I am already awake when they arrive. I could easily sleep for 10-15 hrs every night, and yes…I am aware that is not normal. Anyway, as I later got up and realized this glorious news was not a dream, I anticipated the beautiful day ahead!
I had the privilege of speaking at the Prince of Peace School’s H.S. chapel today for the first time. I prepped, prayed, and was pretty pumped about the opportunity. The Lord was so gracious in allowing me to get there safely and the kids to be at school (even though they were most certainly annoyed at the lack of cancelation). I felt like it went well, although a kid or two was sleeping. I am pretty sure it didn’t have anything to do with me, but is just the norm of a school chapel. I’m going to go with the latter and just move past it! It was a great feeling to think that I actually knew what I was talking about, and had the training to be able to go in there with confidence to speak well what the Lord has shown me (thanks DTS).
Things started to look a little grim when I realized that POP wasn’t the only school not closed for the day! DTS, with all it’s commuter students, and profs that live far away, did not cancel classes!!! I live 30 minutes north, had 5 inches of snow in my drive way at 1pm, and didn’t get done with class till 5pm. Get real with your life DTS…no class for me. So, maybe I had to take a zero on an assignment, cancel a meeting, and have two absences but it was worth it!
Instead of class, I enjoyed the following rare joys of snow fall.
1. Nailed my boss in the back of the head with a snowball as he crossed the parking lot for Taco C. He didn’t see it coming, and it was so awesome that he didn’t even try to retaliate…just fist bumped it.
2. Angela and I made our first real snowman…he’s quite unfortunate looking. We named him Norman, and gave him twigs for arms, and acorns for eyes, but they were not proportionate with the rest of him. Rough day, little guy! Upon our walk home, a family had come outside and in less time than it took us to make our little buddy, they made a giant, perfect, 10ft tall snowman, complete with button eyes, a scarf, and everything else. Epic fail for us.
3. We made snow angels that were perfect…sort of.
4. A little snowball fight action.
5. Watched a ton of shows that I never get to see!!!
6. Ate dinner with the roomates all together, which never happens.
7. Last but certainly not least, got a pre-chorus and a chorus completed for a new song that James and I have been working on!!!!!!!
I have been frustrated at my lack of writing, and this I think will be good…so YAY!!!
One other thing…I talked to my parents who are in Hawaii right now. Yeah, boo on them! However, I found it satisfying that they went to this really awful rendition of South Pacific, and were telling me they are jealous of the little white winter wonderland I am experiencing while they are in Hawaii with rain! šŸ™‚ Serves them right for not taking me with them!!! Just kidding…I truly hope they enjoy it, especially since my wonderful mother, Barbara Lynn will be celebrating her birthday tomorrow!!!!!! She’s finally 21 and I hope she lives it up! šŸ™‚
It ended up being a delightful day, and I hope the weather men are wrong. I hope it snows way past midnight, and that tomorrow everything is shut down again so everyone can act like little 5 yr olds out in the snow. I mean, people…it’s JUST fun!!!

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