the end of a long hiatus…

Hey friends!
Hope you are all doing well and enjoying the beginnings of spring! This month is my favorite of the whole year for a few reasons. 1) March Madness 2) March Madness and 3) March Madness!!!!!!
I used to play basketball, so I love it! Also, it’s just so darn exciting to watch my Baylor Bears doing so well…even if they are wearing highlighter jerseys!

Well, I took a long time off of blogging because I just was lazy I suppose.
However, now, I am back in action and will be blogging more frequently as I’ve got some big things going on and a lot of people who want to be in prayer for me and my next big adventure!

On June 30, I will get on a plane and head to Kisumu, Kenya which is on the western border, near Uganda. I will be living there and working with an organization called Ndoto: For Africa’s Future. You can visit their website HERE . You can also find out how to get involved and sponsor a student.  To learn more about what their doing and updates, you can visit them on facebook or read their blog updates at  Team Ndoto

Also, if you guys want to check up on what I was writing about before my hiatus, you can read my other blog that I was using for a while.

I promise I’ll be more diligent about updating, and will give more details this week about my upcoming trip to Kenya! Until then….Spring time is rolling in, Easter is on the horizon, and there is LOTS of basketball to watch!!! So…enjoy! 😀

Love you all

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