The end of the Barista stage…

After searching for a job for nearly two years, I went back to the life of a barista which I had previously dabbled in while in seminary. It was a hard thing for me to feel as though my life was taking a backwards step.  It took me quite a while to go to work with a smile on my face and joy in my heart. I could not for the life of me figure out why so many others around me had found jobs in their chosen field of study, but for me I had come up with nothing after applying at nearly 100 places.

Well, looking back on the past two years, it’s all making a bit more sense. Today is my last day working at Starbucks, and to be honest…I’m kind of bummed. The people that I work with are the most eclectic group of individuals that I have ever met in one environment! True story. They have been through some of the most difficult life situations I could imagine, yet they are resilient, hard working, loving, and have a good attitude toward the day ahead. Each of them have taught me something about life and something about myself. The best part about working with this group of people, is that after some clear ups of a few misunderstanding, this group of people, though very different from myself, have allowed me to be entirely myself. It’s so refreshing to be around people that are unashamedly who they are, no apologies, no facades, no excuses.

To think, for a moment, I dreaded working there. I have grown to absolutely love and adore my co workers…quirks and all. As I have gotten to know them more, and look back on the past two years of what looked like a dark hole of unemployment and lack of purpose, I realized, that I have been exactly where God has wanted me to be for this time. He has never asked me to do anything but follow Him with joy, faith and compassion for others. It’s so freeing when you realize that Jesus hasn’t given you a long list of laws to follow or a long to do list that you must accomplish, but that He has simply called you to go into a certain situation or circumstance and just be you. Let’s be honest, not all of us are free to do that. There is this epiphany that I received while making lattes and the god forsaken frappucinos and here it is. When you have been walking faithfully with Jesus for almost 16 years, and you have learned to listen to His voice as He resides in your heart, Jesus just flows out of you. He is JUST in you. He flows through you, and you don’t have to be so terrified that you may or may not be in His will. The truth is that you simply are His, and He is yours…and when you are walking in tune with the Spirit of God, it’s freeing, and refreshing to just be you.
So that’s my life lesson at starbucks, and I am grateful to all my co workers for allowing me to learn from them in this season of life, and thankful that they have so graciously let me be who I am while we serve plano moms and business men coffee together.

Today will be my last shift, and as much as I won’t miss the customers that yell and go crazy, I will miss these dear precious friends that I have made. However, I presume that I have learned what God desired for me to learn in this season. I hope that I have walked well and been obedient in this season, especially as I step forward into a new one. For the next three months, I will be in the preparatory season, getting ready to move to Kenya, and enjoying my family and friends, and seriously resting in God’s good grace. So, we’ll see how this next season of life goes…but I can say for this one that God has been faithful and good to provide me with a job, and all the finances I needed to survive. He’s also provided me with some precious new friends that I value dearly. He’s drawn near to me when I needed Him most, and He has given me grace upon grace and mercy upon mercy. My heart is full.

Happy Saturday friends!

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