Remembering who is in control…

Over the last few weeks, I have realized the sweetness and goodness of the Lord Jesus, in ways that I never imagined.
It was Easter, and I was at the lake with my family. I promised them I would go as long as we could go to church/watch church online. So, we all gathered around the couch to watch Gateway online. In the midst of a powerful service, the internet kept going out and the sermon kept pausing because we were in the middle of the country, but God was still so sweet to allow us to be together with HIM, and remember the cross. It was so good to be out in His creation, and remember His sacrifice, His love, His endurance, and His promises. Even just sweet moments on the lake together as a family, from our dog running in the mud, to seeing the lake full again after a long drought…they all reflect His glory and goodness.
After I got back from the lake, the Lord began to show me His beauty, grace, love, creativeness, joy and blessing, as I spent some sweet time with my best friend Angela Pitts. She was in the last days of her first pregnancy, and we were spending time together doing just about anything! I have watched Noah jump around inside her, respond to my voice with a kick, and crave chipotle and chocolate. Ok, maybe the chipotle and chocolate was more Angela, but still. Watching my best friend carry her first child has been one of the most beautiful things that God could have shown me.

He has shown me His timing, His perfection, His creativeness, and His beauty in this season. I have been honored to watch Angela and Noah grow together, and have been blessed beyond belief to see her husband Ryan love her so well and be there for her in such sweet ways.
It’s incredible to me how God uses all these situations to give glimpses of His faithfulness. Last night, Angela and Ryan welcomed little Noah Ryan into the world, finally! He’s 8lbs, 3oz, or pure perfection! It’s amazing to me that during this whole time, that is the person God has been knitting together! He’s stunning. Such a little stud at 1 day old! :0
When I got the phone call at 5am that they were headed to the hospital, I sat up and couldn’t believe it. I was totally helpless, since I myself, am not going to be birthing another persons child! haha However, the Lord reminded me, though I wasn’t at the hospital, nor capable of helping, I could pray. So I did. I remember praying for overwhelming peace, and calmness to come over Ang and Ryan and that Noah would arrive with no complications. That Angela would have supernatural strength and energy. That God would be in and around the room during this beautiful time.

Well, I’m happy to announce that Noah is in perfect health, cute as can be. Ryan was, from what I hear, perfectly calm and a great support, and I also hear Angela was a rock star. So, it looks like God heard and responded to my and everyones prayers.

Again, the Lord was reminding me that He is in control of everything from the internet connection at the lake, the dog nose diving into the mud, comforting a best friend who is pregnant, causing that baby to arrive in His perfect timing only. He’s in control of health, peace, joy, creativity. It’s amazing. This blog doesn’t even do justice to what I’m feeling. The Lord is so good. He is so sweet!

In the midst of all of that, the Lord kept sending support my way for my move to Kenya. In three weeks, these three weeks, I have received almost half of the finances that I need in order to get there.  How incredible! The surprising checks and letters I have received from friends have blown me away. God has left me humbled and overwhelmed at His sovereign control, and the graciousness and generosity of my friends. It’s even sweeter to remember that the Lord is behind it all…prompting hearts, and stirring souls. I am reminded that out of all my efforts, God is the one. He is in control. He is gracious to provide, and He will make it happen. Always. I’m speechless truly…so I’ll stop rambling.

Just remember and think about what all that means this week…..
He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.” Colossians 1:17

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