one month

In one month, God raised the money I thought I needed. Then in another month, He raised the money I had forgotten that I needed. In one month, I will be crossing the Atlantic Ocean, three continents, numerous time zones and countless countries. I will step on my favorite kind of soil. It’s been told to me that once you get it between your toes, you will always come back to Kenya. I will walk through customs and be greeted by the sweetest people on the planet! I will hopefully walk down the escalator at Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta Airport and see my bags waiting, and I will meet a strange face that will give me a place to rest my head before flying to the greatest place. Kisumu, Kenya.

I have never lived outside the state of Texas! The farthest I have ever gone is Waco, and as weird as it may be, it’s still only 2 hrs away from home. I will learn how to get around in a city and probably take on a whole new understanding of the phrase “picking yourself up by your boot straps” as I figure out life in Kenya. I will chart new territory, make new friends, adopt a new kind of family. I will live with a new roommate who is an old friend and a partner in ministry. I will laugh, a lot, I’m sure. I will cry. I might get malaria. I will see God in new ways, and I will learn an inordinate amount about myself, the triune God, and the world.

I can’t believe it’s coming, but in one month, I will be there. It seems like I’ve been planning forever, and in some ways, the Lord has been preparing me and molding me to get me ready for a calling I never expected. I will learn and am already learning a new meaning of letting go and following Him. I have no doubt that I will learn more from these students than I could ever possibly teach them. My worldview will shift and I’m confident that shift will be in a positive way.

I will see Rida, the little munchkin I sponsor, and I will try to help her baby sister, Ashline overcome her fear of the Mzungu aka “white person”. I can’t blame her, meeting me and my family can be a little overwhelming! ha I will see student upon student that I love dearly and I will get to work, no doubt, with one of the best staffs that any person could ever hope to be a part of.

In one month, I will be overwhelmed with a mixture of emotions. I will be happy and sad, excited and scared, tired and giddy, peaceful and anxious. But I’ll deal with that in one month. For this month, I’m going to take in every moment, try to celebrate turning another year older without being upset that I’m entering into my late 20s. I am going to pray a lot, spend time with my family, love on my puppy and my best friends new baby. I am going to cherish the moments that I have with the people I love. For this one month, I will get ready, but I will live in the moments in front of me.

Are you ready to join me on this adventure?! If not…you’ve got one month! It’s here, God has spoken and I am ready (i think). One month. Whoa.

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