100 lbs lighter and it feels so good!

In around 5 days, I’ll be at the airport, leaving on a jet plane!  I am mostly packed, and now my life here in the USA is about 100lbs lighter as my bags are filled to the brim with all I will need in Kenya! So far, I have a huge miracle to announce! To this point, I have only needed the 2 bags that I am allowed! I am a bit shocked and a little concerned that because everything has fit, I might be forgetting some very important things! I have gone to kenya multiple times and each time, I have run out of room in my two bags. So, either I’m just packing light and should be proud of myself, or I am going to be REALLY missing some things when I get there!

It’s weird to think that it’s really down to this one week before I get on the plane. I have been dreaming and planning and praying about this for a long time, and to some extent even well before the Lord provided the opportunity. I’ve been dreaming about purpose and vision for the last two years since I graduated from Dallas Seminary, and have lost hope, found hope, renewed hope…and finally the Lord provided me an opportunity to do things I love, with people I love, in a place that I love. In some ways, it’s been a loooong time coming. In other ways, a blink of an eye. I talked to someone the other day and mentioned briefly that never in my life would I have told anyone that I’d move to Kenya one day.  That person looked at me with disbelief, and said “Really?! You’re kidding, right? You must be the only one that didn’t see that coming!” An odd way of receiving affirmation, but I’ll take it! I’m just glad that the Lord is patient with me in seeing what He’s doing!

I can’t remember if I’ve shared this yet on the blog, so if I did…just read it again! 🙂  I have on my wall in my room, a framed 8X10 life vision map that I made in seminary. It has my goals, visions, how to get there, what steps to take, what roles I want to hold in life, etc. On that list of goals and vision are a few things in my life that are the most dear to my heart. As I looked at the list the other day, I was so encouraged by the Lord. He has brought things on that list to fruition! My passions in ministry range from missions in Africa, discipleship of young students, college ministry, worship ministry, songwriting etc. The places that I’d want to do those thing range all over the place. I glanced at the list and realized that the Lord is allowing me to actually do some of those things, instead of continually dreaming about them! He’s allowing me the chance to disciple students young and old in east Africa. While some of those other dreams are still on the back burner, God has reminded me that He IS doing it, and He WILL bring it to completion!!!

This, I realized about a week ago, and then just the other night, God gave me another glimpse. While I am focusing on my move to Kenya, God hasn’t forgotten the seeds I have sown and the work I have done in the midst of the waiting.

I entered a song writing competition with some friends who I have been writing with for about 3 years. One of our guys took three songs to a conference called Write About Jesus in Austin this past weekend. The kinds of people who judge and critique these songs are grammy and dove winners…they know the business of music extremely well! Long story short, out of about 60 entries, two of our songs made the top ten. As if that wasn’t awesome enough, one of our songs ‘Let Your Kingdom Come’ WON the ENTIRE competition!!! The judges were so generous and kind with their words of encouragement and through all of that, the Lord reminded me that He hasn’t forgotten any of my visions or dreams, and that He just is calling me to walk in obedience, and do what I love, which is doing what He loves because Jesus Christ lives IN me! Whew…that’s refreshing! I just have gotta be me, be diligent and faithful in the little and who knows what the Lord will do with it…and if he doesn’t do anything “big” with it, who cares! I was obedience regardless! That’s the aim here folks! But what a refreshing reminder that God sees my little life vision map, and He will do with it what He will, in His time, in His way and it WIll look totally different than I ever imagined! HE is such a good and encouraging Father! I’m so grateful that He considers it worth His time to show me these things!

And on that note, my heart is encouraged, scared, and ready to jump of the ledge into a kind of obedience and walk with the Lord that I have never experienced before!!!! The Lord goes before me and behind me! HE holds all things together! Thank the Lord!!!

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