Today’s the Day!

Well friends, it’s finally here! After months praying about this decision, raising funds, and preparation, the day is finally here! Today (Saturday), I will get on a plane and head to Kenya for the next 6 months! :0

I am filled with excitement, joy, and peace, while at the same time having a little bit of nervousness, anxiety, and fear…just a little bit.  I have never lived outside of the state of Texas, and have never been away from my family or friends for longer than a few weeks. I never thought of myself as strong enough or tough enough to move to another country. I have been reminded that I am possibly the only person I know who did NOT see this move to Kenya coming, which is comforting and weird at the same time. I guess over the next 6 months, I should get to know myself a bit better! Nevertheless, the time has finally come and I couldn’t be more excited to take this step in faith, knowing with no doubt in my heart or mind that God himself has called me to this time and place, to serve Him and work for His kingdom’s cause!! It’s going to be an exciting journey to say the least.

I have just a few prayer requests for y’all over the next couple days as I travel…

1. Baggage weight – my two bags both hover around 50-51lbs, and the limit is 50. So please pray that when they get on the scale, they hover more toward 50, and that I have a REALLY nice and gracious person helping me at the desk who will just let me pass on through!

2. Flight schedules – Please pray for flights to be on time, and smooth in the air. Last time I went to Kenya, I got a little sick on the first flight to London…it was not pretty. If you see me in person, you can ask me to reenact the flight attendants reaction as it was pretty humorous. 🙂

3. Flight buddys – pray that I will get good rest on the flights, and be sitting by peaceful, somewhat “normal” individuals! haha Also, pray that God would lead me to speak to whom I need to speak to and share the gospel wherever He wants!

4. Connecting to Kisumu – pray for safe and fluid connections with my driver who is picking me up for my one night stay in nairobi, and that I will not oversleep through my flight to Kisumu! 🙂

5. Peace, Peace, Peace – pray for peace to overwhelm me and my family as we separate for the next 6 months.  Pray that we just trust the Lord with each others lives and are able to rest in the promises that He is sovereign over all things and that He loves us.

I think that about sums it up for now…The next time I am writing you guys, I’ll be an ocean and countless time zones away! 😀 I can’t believe it’s finally here!! EEK!!
Thanks for joining me on the journey everyone and for your prayers and encouragement I cannot thank you enough!!!

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