My Kenyan life in pictures..


          Rida, my sponsor student. Dance parties in the Ndoto office. Lunch time at Akili prep. Little muffin nap times. Happy American Day cupcakes in Kisumu. 11 kids in a tuk tuk. The Ndoto office.  My view every day from Obunga. My view in the tuk tuk with Joshua. Tony, our newest ndoto student! #114 going to a school for the deaf! 

                                                                                              The phrase I remember every day…Nyasaye Nyalo. God is able in Luo. Lawi…one of my little muffins who lives in the dorm. A real louis vuitton bag for 4 dollars on the street in kisumu.


Most of the greatest staff in the world. Prince of Peace with Allison  and talking to her brother, the day before leaving the hospital. Running errands in the tuk tuk with these sweet boys…and my two visitors daily – Kevo and Akoth!

This is my life, and these are the people who are so dearly involved in it! They bring joy to my heart and a smile to my face. They make me laugh so hard, and they encourage my soul. And then there are the random things in Kisumu that are surprises and humorous blessings. Thank you Anand for your cupcakes on 4th of July, and thank you snobby americans and UK citizens for disposing of your nice designer bags for no reason, so we can buy them for $4. 🙂

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